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Citrix Hosting: Empowering Organizations with Enhanced Application security, Performance, and Consistency

when looking for a partner to help with citrix hosting we first have to understand the requirements you are faced with and why hosting your citrix platform with a hosting provider would make sense and the question you should be asking from your provider in order to ensure they can actually provide the platform

Understanding your requirements

Any service provider you work with should be able to really understand your business and what you are using Citrix to deliver. Moreover, they should also be able to articulate how they can help you deliver and consistent user experience as well as a security foundation what your are comfortable with. Be sure to understand how they license the platform and if your are dedicated or concurrent connection licenses.

Are they a Citrix CSP?

Citrix Cloud service provider (CSP) is a program offered by Citrix that empowers service providers to deliver Citrix solutions to their customer through a cloud-based model. Its designed to enable service providers to offer Citrix technologies, such as virtual applications, desktops, and networking solutions, to business and organization as a subscription – based service.
This program helps service providers deliver scalable, flexible,
and managed Citrix solutions that cater to their customers diverse needs while also simplifying deployment, Management, and maintenance processes. As a August 2023 Citrix are no longer offering CSP to new
Partners so this limits the amount of providers who can actually provide Citrix hosting via a CSP model. It is worth checking with your provider if they have office CSP status.

Using Citrix for Legacy Application Hosting

We have found that Citrix is perfect for hosting legacy applications that can no longer be re-architected to be cloud ready (SAAS based). In this use case we used to really extend the lifetime of an application by making
it cloud enabled by delivering the legacy EXE via Citrix in the cloud. Companies who are struggling to deliver legacy application in a secure consistent and scalable manner love Citrix for this very reason.

Signs you are using Citrix for legacy application hosting include:

Lack of development support.
No appetite to change the application code set.
No real replacement has been considered of the application.
Critical business functions that can not be replicated in other solutions.

The Benefits of Citrix Hosting
1. Enhanced Application Security

Security breaches and data leaks pose significant threats to organizations of all sizes. Traditional application deployment models often involve distributing application to individual devices, making it challenging to maintain consistent security controls. Citrix hosting centralizes applications delivery, reduce the attack surface and the risk of data breaches. with applications hosted on secure servers, reducing the attack surface and the risk of data center, minimizing the chances of unauthorized access.
Furthermore, Citrix offers advanced security features like multi-factor authentication, single sign-on, and encryption, ensuring that only authorized users can access applications and data. This robust security framework enhances an organization’s ability to meet compliance requirements and safeguard sensitive information.

2. Optimal Performance and Scalability

Application performance can make or break user experience and productivity. Slow-loading applications and unreliable access can frustrate users and hinder efficient operations. Hosting leverages server-side processing, enabling applications to run on powerful servers rather than relying solely on the performance of end-user devices. This approach leads to faster load times, smoother interactions, and a consistent experience across various devices and network conditions.
Additionally the scalability of Citrix hosting allows organizations to accommodate changing demands effortlessly.
with the ability to add or remove resources as needed, business can ensure optimal performance during peak usage periods and avoid over-provisioning, which can lead to unnecessary expenses.

3. Consistent user Experience

In a world where employees are increasingly working from diverse locations and devices, maintaining a consistent user experience is crucial. Citrix hosting decouples applications and data from individual devices, ensuring that user have the same experience regardless of whether they are accessing applications from a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. This level of consistency enhances productivity and reduces the learning curve for new technologies.
moreover, Citrix Hosting provides the flexibility to access applications from virtually anywhere with an internet connection, Remote and mobile workers can access critical applications as if they were sitting at their office desks, enabling seamless collaboration and efficient workflow management.

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