Connecting Businesses with trusted specialist hosting providers.

The Umbeehosting team spends time finding the best managed and specialist hosting providers
in the industry. We do all the hardwork in exploring their credentials and ability to help hosting
customers with their complex hosting requirements.

About us

Serious about hosting. No fluff. Just Knowledge was born from the realisation that many of the websites showcasing hosting companies were purly affiliate websites, with the content purely there to promote the affilaite links without actually caring about the quality of the hosting companies.

We are here to put this right and have developed much closer partnerships with our partners to ensure that they are not only able to offer superior hosting services, but can also demonstrate a technical ability and understanding of the more complex hosting requirements. 

Our goal is to offer no nonsense hosting advice and make recommendations that can be backed by our "No Fluff" approach to ensuring we are able to stand by our partners and they too can stand by us. 

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Get in touch

We have expert-level experience and hosting expertise, we lean on a team of industry experts and connect with hosting providers who offer more for their customers by niching down on the hosting areas that they specialize in.

We have a team of inhouse experts interviewing these providers on your behalf and pride ourselves on only putting forward the best providers in the sectors that we focus on.

If you want to be listed as a partner and would like us to consider your business to be profiled by our hosting experts, please email or contact and we will be sure to get in touch.