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Is Vultr the Right Choice for You? A Deep Dive Review

Vultr is one of the top dogs when it comes to unmanaged VPS hosting. 

Since 2014 they provide an array of cloud services that encompass compute instances, storage solutions, bare metal options and dedicated servers. 

Simplicity, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness define Vultr’s services. 

Let’s dive in and see if Vultr is what you’re looking for

Key Takeaways

● Vultr offers high-performance SSD cloud servers with 32 data centers globally.

● Has a wide range of services including compute instances, storage solutions,  bare metal, and dedicated servers.

● Vultr excels in SSD performance, offering faster data access and high frequency compute options for enhanced performance.

● It has an attractive and affordable pricing starting at $2.50 without hidden charges.

Vultr Technical Overview

Vultr’s VPS offerings are rich in features, encompassing a total of 32 datacenters spread across five continents. This geographical diversity ensures reduced latency and improved speed for end-users.

Vultr facilitates effective server management through its built-in control panel and admin REST API, making the process seamless and efficient. The platform also supports SSH keys setup, enhancing security and convenience.

However, it’s worth noting that while DDOS Protection and backup options are available, they come with an additional cost, a flat fee of $10 per month and the automatic backup option increases the base monthly/hourly fee by 20%.

Vultr Instance Types and Plans

Vultr offers a variety of instance types. Plans to cater to hosting needs and budgets. The hosting plans include Regular High Performance, High Frequency and CPU Optimized instances.

The Regular plans begin at $5, per month. Provide 1 CPU core, 1GB memory, 25GB disk space and 1TB data transfer. 

For applications there are High Performance plans starting at $6 per month that offer higher memory, disk space and data transfer capacities.

If you have an eCommerce and require the extra boost in performance with faster storage and networking capabilities, the High Frequency instances starting at $6 per month are an excellent choice. 

On the other hand, if your application is CPU intensive, the CPU Optimized instances priced at $28, per month feature high performance processors that would best suit your needs.

Data Centers

Vultr has strategically positioned 32 cutting edge data centers around the world to ensure top notch performance and connectivity in markets. 

Here’s what these data centers offer:

1. Global Reach – Vultr’s data centers are spread across North America, Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa and South America. This extensive coverage guarantees that users can access services with delay or latency.

2. Advanced Technology – Each datacenter is equipped with the technology to deliver performance and reliability. They boast cooling systems, power infrastructure and network setups that maximize uptime while minimizing any disruptions.

3. Strategic Locations – The strategic placement of these data centers in cities and connectivity hubs ensures performance. For instance data centers situated in tech hotspots such as Silicon Valley and Tokyo provide direct connections to internet backbones.

Vultr Performance, Speed, and Uptime

When selecting a hosting service it is important to take into account factors such, as performance, speed and uptime. Vultrs High Frequency Compute VPS plan demonstrates promising results in these areas which can greatly enhance user experience and potentially offer SEO benefits.

The High Frequency Compute VPS plan is built on Intel CPU architecture. Utilizes NVMe storage to ensure high speed performance resulting in load times for your web applications.

Real world tests have indicated that this plan outperforms the Compute VPS in terms of SSD performance. This slight increase in speed can make a difference for businesses aiming to optimize user interaction by reducing bounce rates and increasing user engagement.

Regarding uptime Vultr maintains an SLA guarantee of 99.99% ensuring that your web applications remain accessible at all times. This high level of reliability combined with performance can significantly contribute to SEO rankings since search engines prioritize sites, with fast load times and high availability.

Security and Backups

Ensuring the safety of data and protection against cyber threats are aspects of any hosting service. Vultr acknowledges these requirements. Could benefit from providing clarification in certain areas.

DDoS Protection – Vultr offers DDoS protection as a feature, although it’s important to note that it is not included in the base package. Customers can opt for this protection at a cost of $10 per month. 

Backup Protocols – While information regarding Vultr’s backup protocols may not be accessible, potential customers who prioritize data security might find this lack of transparency concerning.

Additional Security Measures – It would be beneficial for Vultr to explicitly mention any security measures they have implemented. Given the nature of the internet, having security measures in place shouldn’t be taken for granted.


Specific Features of Vultr Hosting

With its global presence, users can expect optimal speeds and the transparent pricing model eliminates any concerns about hidden charges. Below is a tabulation of some features that set Vultr apart:

Feature                          Description

Affordability             Competitive pricing with cloud servers starting at $2.50

Global Presence     32 data centers worldwide for optimal speeds

Versatility                Control panel with team management feature for easy collaboration

Scalability                Seamless business scaling with cloud hosting


Transparency        Clear pricing without hidden charges


Pros of Using Vultr

Using Vultr for your hosting needs presents a multitude of advantages that enhance user experience and efficiency, such as high performance and diverse cloud product offerings that fit with almost any kind of business and budget.

Furthermore, its simplified interface and robust infrastructure ensure a seamless user experience, paving the way for optimal business operations.

Great Performance:

When it comes to performance, Vultr excels with its commitment to providing optimal hosting speeds and maintaining a 100% network uptime – and they won’t charge you if for whatever reason the server goes down!

They must be using all kinds of techniques to ensure this because having near 100% uptime is quite impressive. Feel free to check it for yourself and see the real-time insights of their servers’ here:

Network Uptime – Vultr guarantees a 100% network uptime and compensates generously if this uptime drops, thereby ensuring reliable service.

Hosting Speeds – The use of state-of-the-art software and globally dispersed physical servers facilitates optimal hosting speeds, providing a seamless experience for users.

Transparency – The company’s global server status page provides real-time insights into server performance worldwide, maintaining an open line of communication with its customers.

Quality Range of Cloud Products:


Vultr provides a range of cloud products to cater to business needs and budgets. They offer options, like ‘Cloud Compute’ that mimic VPS plans, making it suitable for smaller businesses or personal projects. 

For those who require control and dedicated resources, ‘Bare Metal’ and ‘Dedicated Cloud’ services are recommended. These solutions ensure performance and smooth operations. 

Also the ‘Block Storage’ option is available for users to easily expand their storage capacity as per their requirements, providing flexibility and customization. 

This is Vultr in a nutshell: diverse cloud products for almost every need, reliable uptimes nearing 100%, and crazy cheap prices. 

Flexible Pricing:

Vultr offers a range of pricing options to accommodate the needs and budgets of users ensuring they can find a cost solution. Their pricing approach focuses on transparency and control allowing users to pay for the resources they actually use. This is beneficial, for businesses of all sizes and industries as it promotes resource management while keeping expenses at a minimum.

Hourly Billing – With Vultrs billing system users are only charged for the hours during which they actively utilize the service. This encourages allocation of resources. Helps avoid unnecessary expenses.

Monthly Cap –  All services provided by Vultr come with a spending limit adding predictability to budgeting and preventing charges.

Granular ‘Block Storage’ – By offering ‘Block Storage’ Vultr allows users to add storage capacity in increments that match their needs. This ensures that they only pay for the storage they require making it cost effective while fulfilling their storage requirements.

Clean Interface:

Vultr has designed its platform interface to be simple and clean ensuring an user experience. Navigating through the platform is intuitive with a to use dashboard that provides an overview of settings and information.

Setting up and deploying a server, on Vultr is straightforward.You can choose the location of the server, the operating system and additional features that best suit your needs. It’s convenient to manage teams, as privilege allocation’s hassle free. Adding instances is also a breeze, which emphasizes how user friendly the platform is.

Impressive Infrastructure:

Vultr’s infrastructure is truly impressive, showcasing cutting edge technology and rigorous security measures. This strong foundation guarantees fast, secure service for its users.

State-of-the-Art Technology – Vultr utilizes processors to ensure performance and speedy response times. This infrastructure forms the backbone of the platform, allowing it to handle workloads with efficiency.

Robust Security Measures – The platform places importance on security. Regular updates fortify its security infrastructure, safeguarding user data against potential threats.

Commitment to Progress – Vultr is dedicated to keeping pace with the trends and advancements. Their commitment to improvement shines through updates and enhancements, ensuring that the platform remains at the forefront of the industry.

Cons of Using Vultr

Despite the numerous advantages offered, we cannot ignore the elephant in the room! 

20% increase in the price of the instance simply to get some back-ups done and DDOS protection for $10 extra may be a turn-down for some people, but that’s easily fixed if you’re a bit tech-savvy.

Apart from that, if you need some of higher-end plans it could happen that it’s not available in your region. Also, there is ambiguity surrounding their security measures, and the Windows Server image comes with an additional cost.

Not as Beginner-Friendly as It Seems:

Yes, Vultr provides a range of features that’re highly suitable for experienced users, but newcomers may find the platform somewhat difficult to navigate due to its intricate and powerful interface.

Slightly complex Interface – The dashboard is filled with choices and configurations which can be overwhelming for beginners. The absence of a step-by-step guide exacerbates this issue.

Technical Terminology – Terms such as ‘Bare Metal’ ‘Dedicated Cloud’ and ‘Block Storage’ are not easily comprehensible to newbies, resulting in a bit of a learning curve.

Limited Support – While Vultr does offer support through tickets, it doesn’t do a great job at guiding beginners through basic operations. If you need to reach them via phone or chat, that doesn’t seem to be possible.

Support Issues:

The issue of customer support is a recurring concern, for users, mainly because they don’t have access to real time assistance and rely on an email based ticketing system. 

Some users feel frustrated when they have to wait for responses, which has become a problem.

To make matters worse, there are no support platforms like chat or phone services available. This exacerbates the situation further. 

The lack of immediate support can potentially hinder the user experience, especially in situations where quick troubleshooting is crucial.

Limited Global Availability of Higher-End Plans:

The availability of higher end plans, like ‘Bare Metal’ and ‘Dedicated Cloud’ is limited globally which creates a challenge for users who require solutions but are located outside the designated service areas. While Vultr has a presence with its ‘Cloud Compute’ packages their premium options are not as widely accessible.

Vultr’s ‘Bare Metal’ and ‘Dedicated Cloud’ packages are only offered in locations restricting the availability of high performance computing solutions.

Users located outside these areas may experience latency issues. Incur costs due to data transfer rates.

Although Vultr is constantly expanding its reach, it may not be keeping up with the demand for these services.

The limited availability of these packages highlights the necessity for Vultr to broaden its higher end service offerings on a scale.

Ambiguity Regarding Security:

There is still some uncertainty regarding the nature and extent of security measures implemented by Vultr. Specifically, questions arise about the security of their data centers and how vigilant they are, in monitoring threats. 

Vultr hasn’t provided information about their security protocols, which raises concerns about their ability to prevent intrusion and cyber threats effectively. We’re unsure about the level of surveillance they maintain 24/7, which creates doubt about the reliability of data protection.

Although Vultr has made announcements related to security, the lack of details invites speculation about how robust their approach is.

For potential customers, it’s crucial to have some kind of understanding to accurately assess the risks involved with their data. Increasing transparency in this area would greatly benefit Vultr.

Windows Server Image is not Free

Windows Server Image does not come for free. The additional expense associated with using a Windows Server image can be seen as a barrier, for those who’re not familiar with Linux, and might affect their choice of a server package. This extra cost is due to the licensing fees associated with Windows, which are ultimately passed on to the end users.

Cost – The monthly fee for using a Windows Server image starting at $14 per month for the smaller instances can significantly increase the maintenance cost of the server, making it less economically viable compared to Linux based servers.

Usability – While Windows may be more familiar to users as an operating system, this familiarity comes at a price. May not justify the added expense, especially for small to medium-sized businesses.

Alternative – Users could consider exploring options such as Linux based servers, which although require some learning curve provide cost-effectiveness and a broader range of customization choices.

It is advisable to evaluate these factors before making a decision regarding a server package.


Vultr has made an impact in the hosting industry with its incredible pricing coupled with the performance present in the High Frequency instances. 

With so many happy customers online, it’s clear that Vultr prioritizes user satisfaction. The dedication to improvement and its outstanding infrastructure further cement its position as a leading hosting provider.

But… Like any service, there are downsides. 

Beginners may face challenges – this is an unmanaged hosting after all, and customer support is limited to tickets. And the additional cost for Windows Server images could discourage some users that haven’t embraced Ubuntu yet!

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