SQL Server Hosting


If SQL servers are at the heart of your online presence or your business applications rely on SQL databases, it’s vital that they are online at all times.

Umbee has a wealth of experience of building, hosting and scaling SQL server environments to adapt to ever-changing demands. Whether you run a single server or a complex SQL cluster, Umbee is on hand to help maintain your SQL presence for optimised performance.



  • SQL Clustering

    Redundancy built into your key components will mitigate downtime and free up your IT resources for other essential activity. Umbee is uniquely positioned to build hosted SQL clusters in our data centres; our engineers can help you achieve aggressive uptime SLAs for your mission critical SQL database instances by building active-standby or active-active SQL server clusters in fully managed environments.

  • SPLA Licencing

    Reduce your capital expenditure outlay and make funding your SQL licences easier. Umbee can arrange for you to lease the licences for SQL servers hosted within our environment, through an operating expenditure model, via the Microsoft SPLA licensing program.

  • SQL Replication

    Replicating your critical SQL data helps protect your business from server failures. Umbee can review your SQL requirements and develop the right replication strategy for your unique needs.

    Keep multiple instances of your critical SQL database by replicating between two independent data centres over our dedicated low latency connections to ensure performance and data integrity.

  • Native SQL Backups

    With an Umbee SQL backup solution there is no longer a need for your DBAs to create custom scripts or ship logs. With backups integrated directly with SQL servers, we can carry out backups of any SQL changes at intervals you specify and can restore SQL data to any server you require.

    For added peace of mind, SQL data can even be backed up securely to a remote data centre.

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