DNS Hosting

A stable and reliable DNS infrastructure is vital for website uptime and controls where internet traffic goes. A fully Managed DNS infrastructure from Umbee uses a number of servers to provide total redundancy and resilience for your DNS platform. We can provide a shared DNS platform under the Umbee brand or vanity servers with your own domain ID with DNS servers in multiple locations for geographical redundancy.

  • Full DNS Control

    Control and update all your MX records, A-Records and C-Names with our easy to use portal. Changes are immediate through our intuitive interface, putting you directly in control for managing your own DNS records.

  • Branded or Unbranded

    Umbee Managed DNS services offer you the choice of using Umbee branded name servers or those with a domain of your choice. For example, you can choose ns1.yourdomain.com and ns2.yourdomain.com and, if required, you can host them in separate data centres and on separate IP ranges.

  • Fully Managed

    Outsource your DNS management with Umbee and you’ll never need to make changes yourself. With our fully Managed DNS services you simply log a ticket detailing the changes you need and our engineers will action them straight away.

  • Globally Load Balanced

    Our advanced DNS management services incorporate load balancing across multiple data centres to provide for ZERO downtime. Umbee works with you to replicate your web services and balance the loads using proven techniques.

  • Disaster Avoidance

    Outsource your DNS platform and protect your websites from disaster. By removing any single points of failure, our fully Managed DNS services have disaster avoidance built in.

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